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Dermetone Vanishing Cream:
All in one - Need we say anymore….

Dermetone Vanishing Cream is a moisturizing formulation containing micro-sponges that absorb oil for an instant matte look and all day oil control. Boasting vitamins and antioxidants for beautifully soft skin that’s instantly smooth and radiant without oil or shine, pigmentation spots and blemishes.  
It, not only nourishes the skin, but also brightens simultaneously. The highly active Niacin does not inhibit the production of melanin (like other harsh skin brighteners) but regulates the transfer of the melanosomes to the visible layer of the skin by up to 68%. Making this a safe method of brightening.  
With a light texture, it is colourless and hydrating upon application, and is absorbed completely with no greasy effect or white traces.

Cleanse, tone apply sunscreen and serum of your choice. Thereafter apply a small amount of Day Emulsion to skin and allow to penetrate. Once the Vanishing ream has been absorbed – apply a generous amount of Vanishing Cream to forehead, cheeks and chin. Pat in until dry.
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