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Soy Milk Exfoliator

Perfect for dry, blotchy or irritated skin, nourishing moisturisers and gentle botanical extracts are blended with rich skin conditioners to create a fresh and creamy face scrub. Super fine micro-beads gently exfoliate and melt away dead cells and toxins to leave your skin supple and blemish free.

Rich in Lanolin (natures emollient that forms an oily layer to trap water and soften skin) Soy Milk Exfoliator removes dead cells, refines and rejuvenates skin. Disruption of the epidermal layers stimulates and regenerates tissue while increasing blood circulation and improving oxygen absorption. Leaving the skin with a healthy glow and ready for penetration of product.


To be used once or twice a week at night (preferably after a hot shower). Apply generous amount to face and neck, gently massaging in small circular movements, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Follow with Dermetone Green Tea Mask
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