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Hyaluron Hydrator
Dermetone Hyaluron Hydrator Serum is bursting with super-moisturising hyaluronic acid and brightening actives.
Think of hyaluronic acid as a BIG drink of water for your skin. It is able to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water and infuses all layers of the skin with valuable, rejuvenating moisture. It also plays a huge role in protecting the skin’s lipid barrier from bacteria which excellent for sensitive or acne-prone skin.
Boasting a blend of natural Swiss Alpine extracts, this multifunctional brightener can be used as a humectant & astringent with no side-effects & no skin irritation.
Together, this unique combination of ingredients It is perfect for:
Acne Breakouts
Hyaluron Hydrator can help build and strengthen the skin, which is especially helpful for acne-prone skin, as it typically doesn't have a very strong lipid barrier. It plays a huge role in protecting the lipid barrier of the skin from bacteria which is excellent for sensitive or acne-prone.
Pigmentation issues
Hyaluron Hydrator also helps reduce and prevent age spots and pigmentation issues by increased cell rejuvenation. By strengthening the skin lipid barrier it also reduces redness and inflammation which contribute to the appearance of an uneven and darker complexion.
While Hyaluron Hydrator can't fill in scars, it can help reduce redness and the visible appearance of scars. By plumping up the skin it can help you develop smoother skin overall. You may begin to see these dramatic results in just days.
Reduced Pore Size and Improved Skin Texture
Having textured skin is normal, but it can be a barrier to makeup application and it might make you feel uncomfortable. If you're looking to improve the texture of your skin and reduce pore size, Hyaluron Hydrator is the answer.
Wrinkle Reduction
Because its primary function is to retain moisture, HA is the perfect ingredient to promote supple skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. especially crows feet around the eyes or smile lines. It does this in much the same way as improving skin texture.
Dry Skin Treatment
Hyaluron Hydrator is naturally produced by your body to retain moisture, especially in the skin. If harsh weather or any other skin condition is causing dry, rough skin, Dermetone Hyaluronic Hydrator is your secret weapon.

Morning and Evening: Cleanse face and neck and leave skin  slightly moist. Spritz with Brightening Toner. Apply 2-3 pumps of Hyaluron Hydrator directly to your face and neck. Rub in gently in circular motions until fully absorbed. May be followed with additional Dermetone serums, day or night cream.
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