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Dermetone Caffeine Hydrogel is a beautiful, refreshing gel that applies easily to the eye area without leaving any residue. It contains a scientifically proven blend of ingredients that tackle the complex mechanisms that cause
Dark circles
Shadows or dark hollows
Puffiness and
Sagging skin
leaving the eye more toned, bright and rejuvenated while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Botanically derived anti-oxidants scavenge free radicals that can cause premature ageing of the skin around the orbital area and promote skin resilience and firmness.
The exceptional formulation of this eye treatment makes it your essential daily skin care ally and can be used in combination with other eye creams.

  • Caffeine: when applied topically caffeine constricts blood vessels thus reducing the ”pooling” of blood below the thin skin around the eye. In addition it brightens & reduces redness due to it’s anti-inflammatory effect. Caffeine also reduces wrinkles, visibly smooths, tightens puffy sagging bags or dark hollows.
  • Witch Hazel: acts as a natural astringent, to reduce inflammation, swelling, & discoloration. The chrysin in witch hazel shrinks swollen blood vessels & improves circulation, lightening blue/ black shadows below the eye, while tannins reduce pigmentation to lighten dark brown circles. (Hamamelis Virginia)

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) : is like a sponge that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere causing the sponge to swell in size, infusing all layers of the skin with moisture and giving skin a plump and healthy appearance. Because its primary function is to retain moisture, HA is the perfect ingredient to promote supple skin and reduce wrinkles. HA also helps reduce pigmentation issues by increasing cell rejuvenation and strengthening the lipid barrier to reduces redness which contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

Morning and Evening: Cleanse face and neck and leave  skin  slightly moist. Spritz with Brightening Toner. Gently pat a small amount of Caffeine Hydrogel to the upper and lower lid until completely absorbed.
May be followed with iCare Luminator Eye Therapy for added nourishment.
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