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•Controls acne (including hormonal acne)
•Reduces hormone related pigmentation (eg. Melasma)
•Shrinks pore size
•Regulates oil secretion
•Helps alleviate symptoms associated with:
•Reduces hair loss or excessive hair growth

How does Andro-Curb provide these benefits:
•Naturally balances hormones within the skin
•Regulates thyroid function
•Cleanses the liver, flushes out toxins, supports healthy kidney & colon function
•Emulsifies oily deposits to aid in weight loss
•Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial,
Andro-Curb Hormone Harmony
Clear Skin from Within
You can spend huge amounts of money on treatments and products, but what is really going on inside your body?
In general, as women age, the androgen hormones (male hormones) start to predominate. These hormones are believed to become more active as other hormones, such as the estrogens, are depleted.
Restore your hormone balance and your skin will reflect the results.
AndroCurb Hormone Harmony is an enhanced nutritional supplement supporting clear and even toned skin utilizing a high strength botanical complex for best results.
Designed to safely and naturally regulate your hormone levels – AndroCurb helps unblock acne-form cysts and pimples, as well as  control unsightly hormone related hyperpigmentation (among other amazing benefits).
Selected botanicals, including Milk Thistle, Dong Quai and Chaste Berry extract synergistically help to metabolize androgens and help your body eliminate any extra testosterone.
•Magnesium and Zinc regulates gut microflora and the anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin A helps reduce conditions such as
•seborrheic dermatitis

Dong Quai root powder:
•Dong Quai increases circulation, improves your complexion, and aids detoxification to clear blemishes.
•It also treats alopecia, eczema and rosacea. Dong Quai's effect on the blood and circulation also prompts healing for common skin conditions like eczema and rosacea, neurodermatitis, pruritis, hives and vitiligo.

Dandelion root extract:
•Dandelions have been used medicinally to treat liver problems and infection. Acne is known to be caused by a sluggish and overworked liver. When this happens, toxins are purged out of the body in other ways. Such as the skin. Accordingly, dandelion can help with liver function and detoxification.
Chaste Tree berry extract:
•Chaste tree berry for is excellent for acne associated with the menstrual cycle. It has been shown to reduce acne related to PMS and beneficial for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Vitamin A Palmitate:
•Vitamin A can also promote skin health by regulating the immune system and, therefore, reducing the effect of hormones and inflammatory responses on the skin.
•Vitamin A can also reduce inflammatory response to acne damage on the skin. It achieves this by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory effects of immune cells. By this mechanism, vitamin A can help prevent and reduce inflammatory acne lesions.

•Magnesium is effective in reducing both systemic and epithelial inflammation.

•Calcium has an influence on the production of antioxidants, the main ingredient that fights inflammation. Because inflammation is a major cause of acne, calcium can have a positive effect. Calcium controls the production of an antioxidant called catalase, which protects against damage and maintain collagen and elastin structure of the skin.

Reishii mushroom powder:
•Is rich in vitamin D, selenium and antioxidants that protect skin against acne and discoloration caused by environmental damage.

Zinc Gluconate:
•Is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which can eradicate acne-causing bacteria and can temper this inflammatory response t0 infection.
•Keratinocyte-reducing: Keratinocytes are cells that produce keratin, a tough protein that binds skin cells together. Too much keratin prevents cells from separating and leads to blocked pores, as in the case of acne. By reducing keratin, zinc helps to keep skin pores clear and open.

Omega-3 Zepufa Fish Oil
•contains 3 omega fatty acids ALA, EPA & DHA.
•DHA is responsible for the health of cell membranes, which make up a large part of your skin.
•A healthy cell membrane results in soft, moist, supple and wrinkle-free skin.

EPA also benefits your skin in several ways, including
•Managing oil production & hydration of your skin.
•Preventing hyper-keratinization of hair follicles, which often blocking pores.
•Reducing the risk of acne.
•Protects your skin from sun damage.

Proprietary blend: NAC, CO-Enzyme Q10, Black Pepper Fruit Extract
•A combination of powerful natural plant extracts and antioxidants which aids to:
•Improves quality of the skin;
•Minimizing the damaging effects of UV rays;
•Promotes a clear and radiant complexion;
•Fights Inflammation

Do not consume if: pregnant/ breastfeeding/ under the age of 13 years old.
Check with your doctor before use.
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