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The Microseismic iSense Pen is an electromagnetic massager that utilizes hot compresses, variable frequency and delicate vibrations to gently relax the ocular region - alleviating headaches, dark circles and wrinkles. This massage therapy is designed to contour the acupuncture points around the eye area, enhances blood and micro circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  • Microseismic Vibration: conducts pulses to the eye and optic nerve reducing vascular congestion and dark circles
  • Massaging motion of the acupuncture point: Finger like kneading of the acupuncture point around eyes, clears and activates the lymph nodes reducing fatigue and sunken eyes
  • Biological Magnetic technology invigorates and revitalizes the natural microcurrent existing within skin tissue – to thicken skin and uplift sagging bags
  • High frequency Field: acts on nerve endings, aids in blood circulation, releases puffiness and improves dark circles around the eyes.

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