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A luxuriously decadent lip treatment that penetrates easily without effecting the longevity of cosmetics. Incorporating high levels of botanical squalene – it imparts a soft velvety emollience to lips while locking in moisture.

The combination of an oligopeptide complex and Vitamin A, C, E cocktail disrupts the cellular mechanisms that cause:
  • Lip discolouration and patchiness: due to hyperpigmentation or smoking.
  • Lip dryness: Skin on the lips is unique & consists primarily of extremely thin mucous membrane. This results in rapid moisture loss, cracking and chapping; and increases the danger of inflammation, burning & infection.
  • Creases and Wrinkles: of time the cumulative effects of aging along with exposure to the elements can result in wrinkles   and fine lines on the lips.
  • Smoker‘s pucker: deep and dynamic wrinkles due to loss of elasti2factors can lead to deep lines and furrows around the lips. Due to a loss of elastin + muscle tone.


Botanical Squalane: Imparts a soft, velvety emollience to delicate skin.

Vitamin A, C & E: Strong anti-oxidant combination promotes skin health and luminosity. Reduces blemishes & enhances even tone.
Matrixyl Synthe 6: Stimulates sythesis of 6 major structural components of skin to thicken sensitive tissue.


Spread evenly across the lip and allow to dry. Follow with cosmetic products if applicable.

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